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Terumo Syringe Luer Lock (100)
Terumo Syringe Luer Lock (100)
Terumo Syringe Luer Lock (100)
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Terumo Syringe Luer Lock (100)

€27.50 ex VAT
  • Terumo syringe without needle
  • Intended for the injection of fluids, aspiration of fluids, or for sampling of blood or other body fluids
  • Clear, bold scale markings which assure dosage control and accuracy
  • Single-use only

Additional Information

  • Syringes are constructed from inert thermoplastic latex and PVC free material to avoid medication contamination and reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Each syringe is sterilised by an industry standard electron beam, and are individually wrapped in tamper-proof blister packs.
  • A transparent barrel ensures the easy identification of hazardous air bubbles and turbid medication, whilst ergonomic finger grips aid the smooth delivery of medication
  • Highly visible ml scale markings for accurate medication delivery
  • Double-contact gasket ensures an airtight seal for smooth and accurate use
  • Firm and definite ‘end stop’ when delivering medication to prevent accidental exposure to medication or fluids