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Curaprox ATA Toothbrush - Single

Curaprox ATA Toothbrush - Single

€4.75 ex VAT

The ATA toothbrush has a round handle with no thumb depression, that makes the user hold it with their fingers rather then their hand, which brings an end to unnecessary pressure during brushing. This also allows for the right amount of pressure to be used rather than too much at once.

This Curaprox ATA toothbrush was developed in cooperation with dental specialists at the University of Berne, it has a reversed, particularly small head with curen filaments of 0.1mm diameters. This makes it particularly good for people with tooth cleaning damages. It also makes the ATA the ideal learning toothbrush in the transition from a CS 5460 ultra-soft to a CS single

Product Information

  • Sold as singles
  • Colours vary
  • Ultrasoft


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