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Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste & Brush Set

Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste & Brush Set

€24.35 ex VAT

Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste & Brush Set

This black as night toothpaste will absorb the stains on your teeth like never before. Curaprox toothpaste and toothbrush set is the set you never knew you needed. The toothbrush is a black version of the CS5460 and the toothpaste is guaranteed to remove stains gently. There are no bleaching agents, no SLS, no Triclosan, no and no plastic microbeads in the Black is White Toothpaste. It contains activated carbon, fluoride. enzymatic system and 15’000ppm hydroxylapatite.

Why is the Black Is White Toothpaste & Brush Set so good?

The toothpaste contains no harsh or abrasive ingredients. The activated carbon in it simply absorbs unattractive, discoloured particles caused by things like smoking, team coffee or red wine. It has a refreshing lemon taste that is not overpowering and leaves your mouth fresh for a long time. The hydroxylapatite is a rare but naturally occurring mineral, it helps to replace lost minerals and calcium in your tooth enamel, and creates a soothing, protective layer of artificial enamel. Product Information

  • Sold as Singles: 90ml Toothpaste + CS5460 Toothbrush
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste
  • No harmful ingredients