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Curaprox CURAbabyToothbrush (up to age 4) - Single CURAbaby

Curaprox CURAbabyToothbrush (up to age 4) - Single CURAbaby

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Shop our CURAbaby  toothbrushes. Developed by the University of Berne in Cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Adrian Lussi and Dr. med. dent. Nadia-Marina Kellerhoff the plaque has no chance against CURAbaby  toothbrushes! An ultra-soft toothbrush just for children that gives your child the best start in life. Babies will, at last, enjoy having their teeth cleaned since the rubberised brush head and  fine, Curen filaments are so soft that there is no risk of damaging their oral mucosa. (The tissue that lines the mouth.)

Making brushing teeth efficient, enjoyable and gentle due to it's fine and densely packed filaments. Along with the rounded handle that aids your child hold the CURAbaby toothbrush with ease Recommended by the dentist all over the world this CURAbaby  toothbrush will guarantee great oral health for your toddler. Made from Curen filaments at just  0.09mm in diameter and so densely packed that a whole  4,260 fit on one toothbrush makes this an amazingly gentle and safe toothbrush.

Another advantage is the soft rubber that covers the whole CURAbaby  toothbrush from one end to the other and protects the  oral mucosa. The softly rounded shape of the toothbrush along with the rubber rings allow for your child to hold it the right way with ease. The bottom of the CURAbaby  toothbrush has a stand that keeps things nice and tidy, and, if your baby wants to chew on it - let them! The rubber is mouth safe and chewing on it helps with teething!

Product Description

  • Single Toothbrush
  • Made of anti-slip material
  • Random selection of  3 colours: pink, blue, green