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Curaprox Implant Pack

Curaprox Implant Pack

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Shop out ADS range now! ADS or Anri-Discolouration System, the way to avoid brown discolouration with maximum chlorohexidine effect. The chlorohexidine treatment is highly recommended by dental professionals as it does not cause any impairment in taste and keeps the mouth clean and healthy. The ADS is a system with long term effects, it has superior anti-bacterial properties and a high substantivity.

Curaprox 350 Gel

For weekly, thorough care for implants, periodontitis and fixed tooth replacements. The 0.5% of the chlorohexidine-digluconate gel is a targeted application to protect the gums against plaque.

Curaprox ADS 705

The ADS 705 gel toothpaste is recommended for daily use. It contains 0.05% chlorohexidine-digluconate and 0.05% sodium fluoride. It is perfect for caries protection and works flawlessly with ADS 220 Oral Rinse.

Curaporx ADS Implant Mouthwash

This Implant mouthwash contains 0.2% if chlorohexidine and is excellent for before and after implant placements, after bone regeneration and augmentation procedures. It forms a protective coating and promotes regeneration in the oral cavity.

Curaprox DF846 Implant Saver floss

Especially developed implant floss, the DF 846 has elastic microfibers that allow for efficient, gentle cleaning along with the implant and gums. It can be easily tensioned and released for the best cleaning results of the sulcus and implants.

Curaprox CS 1009

Developed by professional Jiri Sedelmayer the CS1009 toothbrush is ideal for braces, implants and bridges. It is a single tuft brush with rounded bristles at a 9mm length.

Curaprox Surgical Toothbrush

Created by Prof. Dr. med. dent N.P. Lang, Dental Clinic, University of Berne, the surgical toothbrush is excellent during radiotherapy and after surgery in the oral cavity, hygiene is vital, especially during the process of healing gums when they're still sensitive or wounded. Therefore the super-fine, 0.6mm and flexible filaments are the way to go.

Curaprox Toothbrush CS5460

The bristles of the Curaprox CS5460 is what makes it a market-leading brush.  In fact, at just 0.1 millimetres diameter, and rounded at the tip aid in for the best possible hygiene for your mouth.

Curaprox 430 Click

A universal, plastic holder for the CPS brushes.

Curaprox CPS 

The Curaprox CPS brushes are long, fine filaments that are perfect for cleaning in gaps. They are designed to clean gently and access the most critical places between the teeth and of course, to clean. The conical design of the fine wire core prevents premature breakage for longer service life. Implant brushes fit all holders.

Product descriptions:

Contains: 1 x 30ml ADS 350 Gel, 1 x 75ml ADS 705 Toothpaste, 1 x 200ml Implant Mouthwash, 1 x Surgical Toothbrush, 1 x CS1009 Ortho Brush, 1 x CS5460 Toothbrush, 1 x Click Holder 430, 1 x 5 Assorted CPS brushes