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Curaprox Ortho Pocket Kit

Curaprox Ortho Pocket Kit

€23.24 ex VAT
As anyone who wears or wore braces know that getting plaque, food stuck to the brackets and wires is not all that enjoyable. This Curaprox ortho kit has everything you need to keep things clean and fresh. The ergonomically and functionally designed box that is useful at home and when travelling. This Ortho Kit has the CS 1009 toothbrush which is perfect for those hard to reach areas, it flatters the gum line and has perfectly rounded filaments. The Curaprox CS 5460 Ortho brush is also included in the kit, it is slightly shorter in the middle to cover the braces and around them.

Product Description

  • Contains one Ortho toothbrush, one single tuft toothbrush, box and interdental brushes
  • The box is made from sturdy plastic
  • Colours may vary