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Curaprox Tongue Cleaner Duo Pack

Curaprox Tongue Cleaner Duo Pack

€5.40 ex VAT
This duo pack contains a single and double-arched tongue scraper. It is super effective against  halitosis or more commonly known, bad breath. This can be caused by bacterial coatings on the tongue, it's fissures and interdental spaces.  The anatomic shape allows a snug fit against the tongue as well as the reduction of nausea. It is as simple as 'scraping off the bad breath". The effects can be seen and smelled from the first time you use it. The duo pack has a single and double-arched tongue cleaners. The single-arched tongue cleaner is a classic design, it is reliable in how it removes the bacteria and it's easy to make it a part of your daily life. The double-arched tongue cleaner is twice as effective against  halitosis. Both of the tongue cleaners are anatomically accurate which makes them easy to use, with the reduced chance of causing nausea.

Product Information

  • Duo pack - 1 x single-arched  and 1 x double-arched tongue cleaners
  • Colours may differ
  • Very effective against halitosis